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Joanna. A Story of Love

Joanna. A Story of Love

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Joanna. A story of Love is a book about Down syndrome was not written for children who have this genetic condition, but for the rest of the children. With the help of the book, they will understand the gifts these children are endowed with, but also the challenges faced by families who have a child with Down Syndrome.

A warm and emotional story about Luca, a 6-year-old boy, who learns that he will have a sister with Down Syndrome. The parents explain to him what this genetic condition consists of. Luca will even meet a little girl his age with Down Syndrome. They will quickly become friends, especially since Ana is very generous and, in addition, knows the technique of making the biggest soap bubbles.

Technical details:

The Collection: Every Life Is a Gift, Volume 2
Text and illustrations: Veronica Iani
Dimensions: 20x20 cm. 28 pages.
Age category: 6-10 years old.

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