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Tony. A Story about Adoption

Tony. A Story about Adoption

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 The mother tells Tudor that an adopted child is loved twice – once by the mother who gave him life and had the strength to part with him in order to ensure a better life for him, and once by the mother who, even if she didn't carried him in her womb, she received him in her heart with much love and care.

Excerpts from the book:

– You mean I grew up in your heart? I wondered.
- Yes, the Lord sent you to fill our hearts with your love.
– And Maria no longer has a place in your heart? I worried myself.
- Stay calm, Dady laughed. The more love, the bigger the heart becomes.
– Could it reach the sky? I asked.
- Even higher than the sky, said Mommy.
- But I don't have your eyes or Dady's, I was a little sad.
– Yes, but your eyes are more beautiful to us than two stars.


 Technical details:

The Collection: Every Life Is a Gift, Volume 3
Text and illustrations: Veronica Iani
Dimensions: 20x20 cm. 40 pages.
Age category: 5-10 years old.

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